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Custom Sheet Metal

Tennsmith Shear & Roper Whitney Folder

NEW!! We are now able to roll a 4th panel! We now roll the Tuff Snap 100 (snap loc style panel). Pictures and video to come!

Jason Blankenship is our custom sheet metal specialist.

    Unlike many of our competitors, Granite Enterprises Roofing can roll our own metal panels in our NewTech Machinery Panel Rolling Machine. With this machine we are able to use our suppliers' coil metal and roll the same panels that they would for a fraction of the cost and time. We are able to produce two options of Standing Seam Metal Panels (SS-150 & SS-200), Tuff Snap 100 (FF-100), and a soffit panel (FWQ-100). We are able to roll panels in house or onsite. By rolling our own panels we are able to cut out the middle man and offer our customers the same quality panel at a fraction of the price and time.

     Along with rolling our panels, we offer custom sheet metal and/or aluminum trim fabrication in almost any way, shape or form for the everyday do-it-yourselfer or the contractor looking to beat supplier prices and still have a custom, quality product.

     Every custom trim created comes from locally supplied steel flat stock which is then sheared through our 2014 Tennsmith Hydraulic Shear and passed on to be customized by our 1997 refurbished Roper Whitney Folder.

     Every piece is handled by our knowledgeable staff with over 50 years of metal experience.

Metal Provided By

  • Custom-Bilt Metals

  • Metal Sales

  • Cascadia

  • Pacific 

  • Rolled Steel Products

  • The Bryer Company

Our Panel Rolling Machine

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SS150 Panel Rolling
SS150 Panel Rolling (2)
Tuff Snap 100 Profile Video
Slow Motion Tuff Snap Cut
Tuff Snap 100 Panel - Full Video
Tuff Snap 100 Rolling
Tuff Snap 100 Metal Panel
Tuff Snap 100 Install
Tuff Snap 100 Roof Top Install Video
Soffit Arial
Kenworth Metal Panel Installation
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